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Charlotte $1

ImageItem IDDescriptionSales Price
102484GOLD C BECHTLER $1 AU53 PCGS$ 6,250.00
K1 30 GRAINS RE.............(1831-4) BECHTLER 30 GRAINS, REEDED EDGE, REGULAR STRIKE. Christian Bechtler produced 2 versions of the $1 gold coins. One of 28 grains and another of 30 grains. The two types are of roughly equal rarity when one includes the Reverse N variety of the 28 grains versoin. Reeded edge is Kagin 1 and the plain edge Kagin 1A. PCGS CERTIFIED AU53
131238GOLD 1857 C $1 XF45 PCGS$ 2,350.00
CHARLOTTE MINT INDIAN PRINCESS HEAD, LARGE HEAD. ONLY 13,280 MINTED. MUCH RARER AND HARDER TO LOCATE THAN MOST REALIZE! A REAL BEAUTY. NICE COLORATION ON SURFACES. The planchets used were attrocious as was the quality of minting. Most look terrible. The type two gold dollar was a failure PCGS CERTIFIED XF45