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Charlotte $1

ImageItem IDDescriptionSales Price
122254GOLD 1853 C $1 XF 7522$ 2,250.00
FINAL TYPE ONE GOLD DOLLAR STRUCK IN CHARLOTTE. EXCELLENT EYE APPEAL for this GOLD LIBERTY ONE DOLLAR. MINTAGE-- ONLY 11,515. LESS AVAILABLE than the 1852 C $1 in AU or UNC GRADES. LIKE most "C" MINT GOLD DOLLARS the PLANCHETS are often VERY POOR and the DIES USED also show NUMBEROUS DEFECTS. VERY SCARCE IN AU and RARE IN UNCIRCULATED. MEDIUM to DEEP GREENISH-GOLD. Most are not well struck at the central reverse and they have detracting mint-made planchet defects.
131238GOLD 1857 C $1 XF45 PCGS$ 3,000.00
CHARLOTTE MINT INDIAN PRINCESS HEAD, LARGE HEAD. ONLY 13,280 MINTED. MUCH RARER AND HARDER TO LOCATE THAN MOST REALIZE! A REAL BEAUTY. NICE COLORATION ON SURFACES. The planchets used were attrocious as was the quality of minting. Most look terrible. The type two gold dollar was a failure PCGS CERTIFIED XF45.