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Copper Coins

ImageItem IDDescriptionSales Price
114020COPPER 1833 1/2C MS62BN PCGS$ 275.00
these coins. No half cents were struck in 1837. Because of the great need for small change, however, a large number of tokens similar in size to current large cents were issued privately by bussinessmen who needed them in commerce.
126842COPPER 1839 1C VF35 PCGS$ 225.00
and is one of the more distinctive varieties in the Matron Head series of Large Cents. The Bobby Head appears on 10 different die varieties and comprimise more than half the total mintage of the 1839 cents. PCGS CERTIFIED GRADE.
132391COPPER 1955 1C DBLD DIE AU50$ 1,295.00
DOUBLED-DIE OBVERSE. ALL ORIGINAL SURFACES, EXCELLENT EYE APPEAL, SHARP STRIKE AND OBVERSE DETAILS DOUBLED AS DESIGNATED, PCGS CERTIFIED ALMOST UNCIRCULATED. FRESH AND ORIGINAL CHOCOLATE BROWN SURFACES. THE MOST FAMOUS DOUBLED DIE COIN IN THE ENTIRE LINCOLN CENT SERIES. When the Mint struck a working die together while they were both slightly rotated differently from one another, the working die then received a double die impression. There were apporximately 20,000 accidentally produced. The
132391COPPER 1955 1C DBLD DIE AU50$ 1,295.00
Mint decided not to melt them.