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Dahlonega $2.50

ImageItem IDDescriptionSales Price
122115GOLD 1844 D $2 1/2 VF20 CAC PC$ 2,525.00
 VARIETY 5-H. Mintage Only 17,332. Weakly struck in the middle on both sides BUT STRONG BORDERS, ALL STARS HAVE FULL RADIAL LINES. LETTERING AND DATE IS VERY STRONG. What you see is strike not wear - I really think this one deserves a higher grade! You will love the original surface coloration. Many have bright, unnatural hues as a result of cleaning or dipping. PCGS HAS ONLY GRADED 2 VF20 (NGC 1) AND THIS IS THE ONLY 1 WITH "CAC" CERTIFICATON. RARELY AVAILABLE IN ANY AUCTION IN ANY GRADE.