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Dahlonega $5

ImageItem IDDescriptionSales Price
120358GOLD 1854 D $5 MED D VG8 CAC$ 4,125.00
 DAHLONEGA GOLD $5 MEDIUM D LIBERTY HEAD ---------MINTAGE: 56,413. The majority are flatly struck at the border and have almost sunken appearance. YOU WILL LOVE THE STRONG DATE & MINT MARK! One of the more common dates especially in mint state. The majority are flatly struck at the borders and have a sunken appearance. This it the result of the centers being so much sharpet than the border. Many have nearly complete hair detail with just a touch of weakness on the curls near the face of Libert y. The stars are mostly sharp while the denticles are blurry and indistinct. The reverse shows the same appearance with strong detail on the eagle s feathers and the claws. "CAC CERTIFIED" UNCLEANED ORIGINAL SURFACES. WITH APPEALING COLORATION and very hard to locate. EXCEPTIIONAL EYE APPEAL. VARIETY 30-W MEDIUM MINTMARK. The 1 in the date is very close to the truncation. STRONG MINT MARK! PCGS has only certified 20 in ALL GRADES - NO MINT STATES.