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New Orleans $2.50

ImageItem IDDescriptionSales Price
101398GOLD 1851 O $2.50 XF45 PCGS$ 750.00
NEW ORLEANS QUARTER EAGLE - MINTAGE: 148,000 - TOTAL KNOWN 200-250. Among the more common New Orleans quarter eagles although it is scarcer than its relatively high mintage suggest. THE OBVERSE IS ALWAYS SHARPER THAN THE REVERSE. THE REVERSE IS ALMOST ALWAYS WEAK ON THE EAGLE S RIGHT LEG AND NECK FEATHERS. To accurately grade and 1851-O quarter eagle it is important to pay more attention to the obverse than the reverse because of this peculiarity of strike. THE TYPICAL COIN IS IRREGULARLY STRUCK and shows A NUMBER OF MARKS ON THE SURFACES. YOU WILL LOVE THE COLORATION, THE DETAILS AND OVERALL EXCELLENT EYE APPEAL.
130909GOLD 1851 O $2.50 XF45 PCGS$ 675.00
MINTAGE: 148,000. GOLD LIBERTY HEAD NEW ORLEANS MINTED QUARTER EAGLE. EXCELLENT EYE APPEAL, LOT OF REMAINING MINT LUSTER, BOLD DETAILS FOR THE GRADE! SCARCER THAN THE 1854-O. Obverse is always sharper than the reverse with obverse stars complete with radial lines yet reverse is almost always weak on eagle s right leg and neck feathers. Most have mint made discoloration and numerous marks. ONLY 200-250 TOTAL KNOWN!